guy bourdin 2







Every year Arles plays host to one of  the greatest photography exhibitions. From the beginning of July to the end of September the beautiful historic buildings of this French town are turned into stunningly interesting galleries to view some of the best photography on the planet.

It is my pleasure to return to this area again in a few days, and of course I shall be visiting this wonderful event. I will also be photographing the vineyards of the Herault, the Carmargue ponies, and sampling the Meditteranean sunshine, wine, food and hospitality! Needless to say I am looking forward to the next two weeks.

Above are a few of the pictures from almost thirty impromptu “galleries”, some of which I visited last year. These included the wonderful work of French socialite, and keen 1920′s amateur photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue, in a beautiful medieval church, and the work of the famous fashion photographer Guy Boudin, hosted in a building which was home to Vincent Van Gough in the last (slightly mad) years of his life.