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I love the smell of freshly roasted beans being ground, prior to making a nice cappuccino, so when Ian dropped by the other day and left me a packet of “Uncommon Ground” beans “to go”, I was delighted. Good coffee is one of lifes’ greatest pleasures in everyday life, thank you Ian.Continue Reading


Apologies for my excessively long absence from this blog. A considerable amount has happened in the last 12 months, including a significant 40th anniversary since I started to earn my living from photography. In January 1975 I started work as an assistant to a portrait and wedding photographer in Newport, Monmouthshire. Burnicle Studios was founded […]Continue Reading


      Every year Arles plays host to one of  the greatest photography exhibitions. From the beginning of July to the end of September the beautiful historic buildings of this French town are turned into stunningly interesting galleries to view some of the best photography on the planet. It is my pleasure to return […]Continue Reading


Nature has a clever way of making Man’s ugly architecture beautiful. I felt compelled to stop my car this morning, and witness the wonderful spectacle of fog and spring blossom conspiring together.Continue Reading


We recently had the pleasure of hosting Stylist magazines’ cover shoot for this weeks edition. Welsh diva, Charlotte Church posed for talented celebrity portrait photographer Mark Harrison, in what he described as an excellent studio space. You can see Mark’s shots of Charlotte Church and read her interesting interview here: Mark’s portraiture is well […]Continue Reading


Last August I wrote how much I was enjoying photographing some of the horses that my 10 year old daughter, Poppy, regularly rides at Liege Manor Equestrian Centre. The stables are very busy, especially at weekends, and I have found myself waiting for Pops after her lesson, as she is in no hurry to go […]Continue Reading


Oscar was the undoubted star of a recent photo shoot for Rose Innes Designs. Normally photography with an animal requires some patience, good planning, and not a little luck, which is why I recommended a trained animal from Martin @ Rockwood Animals. The shoot was to include not only Oscar, but his” family”, Mum, Dad […]Continue Reading


Well, it is quite an old one really, but new to me! I have always liked the understated style of Deus custom motorcycles , so whenI saw this, I felt it had been rebuilt in the same spirit. It is a fairly humble little Yamaha 535 which has been changed into a hard tail bobber. The […]Continue Reading


Earlier in the year I had the occasion to photograph one of my favorite tipples being made in the traditional way. The customary time to start brewing at the Wadworth Brewery is around 5am,so it was a nice early start, and lots of self control at the bar in the hotel the night before. The modern […]Continue Reading


An opportunity to reveal a little about a personal project that I have been engaged in for the last few months. The truth is, I have never really had much success photographing animals. Back in the early nineties I tried to photograph a budgerigar on a computer keyboard for a large electronics company. The art […]Continue Reading